Carfolks Consumer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can review or comment about a dealership or sales person?
    Only actual customers of the dealership can comment and review an auto dealership’s sales or service department and performance. We have no way to validate “auto shoppers” so at this time we only allow customers to share their experience. Our system will periodically ask random and targeted review “posters” to provide additional information to validate their reviews. It may be as simple as providing a vehicle identification number or possibly submitting a repair order or other documentation. Carfolks users may also question reviews they feel may not be accurate, and that would also trigger a review by our team.
  • A sales person invited me into rate them. Does that obligate me for any future activities on Carfolks?
    After a consumer reviews someone or a dealership on Carfolks they are not required to be active on the site. We encourage neighbors to continue to visit and participate in the neighborhood, but they are not obligated to do so.
  • How can Carfolks help consumers buy a vehicle?
    Carfolks wants to reward those dealerships and salespeople who do a great job, and at the same time, help our neighbors find customer focused professional salespeople. With the Carfolks ranking system vehicle shoppers can “shop for a salesperson” and see if they might be a good fit for guiding you through your next vehicle purchase.
  • I want to review a dealership or a salesperson, why do I need to register on Carfolks?
    While we’d like everyone to have an ideal experience for purchasing their cars, we know that not every transaction is going to be perfect. When someone is unhappy with their salesperson or dealership, we want that salesperson or dealership to know, so that they can fix the problem, and prevent it from happening in the future. Registering helps us validate reviews and give Carfolks or the dealer an opportunity to assist our neighbors in solving issues.
  • Does the consumer pay anything to participate on Carfolks?
    No, Carfolks is free to all consumers, one more reason to join the Carfolks Neighborhood!
  • Now I have to join Carfolks to contact sales or service professionals on the site?
    No. Many of the sales professionals and service advisors invite shoppers and vehicle owners to contact them regarding any of their automotive needs. We provide phone numbers and simple contact us forms for consumers to engage dealership staff.
  • How do I know reviews on Carfolks are valid?
    Carfolks takes many steps to insure reviews are valid on our website. Our policy is to only allow actual customers of the dealership to post reviews. That means you must have either purchased a vehicle or had your vehicle(s) serviced at the dealership within the last year. We also randomly ask review posters to validate their reviews by providing a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and we utilize various databases to confirm they did indeed purchase or service the vehicle at that dealership. Additionally we ask all the neighbors on Carfolks to notify us if they see a review they feel is not legitimate or language in the review is not appropriate for a family website. In the Carfolks Neighborhood we watch out for each other.
    Have other questions? Use our simple feedback form.

Frequently Asked Questions for Automotive Dealerships
  • What dealers are included on the Carfolks website?
    Every new vehicle franchised auto dealership in the United States is included in our directory. We also include larger independent auto groups. Other Independent auto dealerships can be listed upon request. Consumers can also request that we include a local dealership in our directory.
  • How can I update our dealership information on
    We recognize that dealer information changes frequently. Just contact us with the corrected information including name changes, franchise updates, address and phone changes. We will validate the information and make the updates to our directory.
  • How does my dealership get removed from your directory?
    We do not remove dealerships from our directory. If your dealership does not want to participate, we will show the dealership basic information and text that indicates the dealership chooses to not allow their customers or employees to talk about the level of service they offer to the public. 
  • What does it cost my sales team or service advisors to put up their pages on Carfolks?
    Our standard pages are FREE for individual sales professionals and service advisors. Some limitations may apply as shared in our Terms and Usage document on the website. Participating dealerships on the Carfolks Marketing Program have additional benefits for their sales professional pages. After joining, a Sales and/or Service Professional using our FREE program needs to post their photo, an introduction of themselves (which includes information on their professional background and some personal information too) and within 30 days have at least two customers post a review about their performance. If this is not completed Carfolks will deactive their page. We want consumers to find sales professionals in their area, and seeing no information or reviews doesn’t provide value to the consumer or the professional.
  • What are the benefits of the Carfolks Marketing Program for dealers?
    The main benefit is to provide accurate information about the level of service you provide to your customers in the sales and service department. We know the majority of your customers leave your dealership happy or satisfied. But, you have no simple way to garner that good will for marketing purposes. Unhappy customers will find a place to vent their frustration or displeasure. Often it is on the factory CSI survey and other times it is online at some review site where they are anonymous and give you no opportunity to respond. Carfolks was designed from the ground up to help auto dealers and sales professionals to get visibility online and to reward you for doing things right. We work with dealerships to invite their customers to our site to share their experience. And since clearly most of your customers are happy, your reviews will be positive.
  • If my dealership subscribes to the Carfolks Marketing Program can we take negative comments down?
    NO! All posted comments go live immediately. When you subscribe to our Marketing Service we notify your dealership of any negative postings so you may contact the customer and resolve the issue. If the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, they may login and edit their review within 14 days of posting the comment. After that comments stay on our system and cannot be edited or removed unless they are found to be fraudulent. Other dealer ratings sites hold negative comments for 14 days. While that may benefit some poor performing dealerships, it does not provide consumers with an immediate voice and create urgency for a dealership to resolve an issue.
  • What happens to the reviews on a sales person’s page when they no longer work at our dealership?
    The pages of the individual sales people belong to them. If and when they leave their current dealership, they are marked as “unaffiliated” with that dealership. Once a dealership affiliation is deleted the individual salesperson’s photo and link will no longer appear on that dealers’ team page on the Carfolks site. Their current dealership maintains all those reviews gathered by that person while they worked at the dealership and they remain part of the total ranking score. If the sales person (or service advisor) moves to another dealership, they can logon to Carfolks and affiliate themselves with the new dealership. All the reviews a professional has accumulated to that point will follow them to the new dealership. Their reviews from the previous dealership will not be calculated into the overall ranking of the new dealership. This process helps our industry keep professionals in the business, reduces turnover, and cuts the hiring, orientation, and training costs of all dealerships.
  • How does an auto shopper find our dealership on Carfolks?
    We offer two ways to be found on Carfolks. One is the mapping feature on our standard home page where a consumer can enter a vehicle brand, then a zip code and see all the local dealer locations. Second, our Search Box allows consumers on Carfolks to search by salesman name, franchise, address, zip code or even your dealership name. Your ranking (if you have one) will be viewable by consumers as well.
  • Can we put a dealer or manufacturer logo on free dealership landing page?
    That functionality is not available on the standard pages. Dealership and manufacturer logos cannot be posted unless the dealership is a subscriber to the Carfolks Marketing Program.
  • Who can post a review of a sales person or dealership?
    At this time only actual customers of the dealership can post comments. That means they must have purchased a vehicle or brought a vehicle into the service department or body shop for repairs. By using various databases, vehicle history reports, motor vehicle records, etc. we can validate a consumer is an actual customer of a dealership. At this time we have no way to validate whether a consumer visited or shopped at a particular dealership, so posting comments about a shopping experience may not provide accurate information for consumers. If you have any suggestions on how we can accomplish this we would like to hear your thoughts on the process.
  • How does our dealership communicate with consumers on the site?
    Standard dealership landing pages include the dealership name, address and local phone number. Additionally there is a Google Map to point out your location and a button for your customers to submit a review. Consumers may then call or visit your dealership location. If you have any of your team members signed up for Carfolks their thumbnail photos will appear below your landing page information and show any ranking they may have.
  • When a consumer searches for a dealership how are the results ranked?
    Results will be ranked first by our customer feedback system (within the distance selected), and then by distance after that. This gives sales professionals and dealerships with high positive feedback an advantage, and motivation to continue to provide great buying experiences for your customers. We are using a Five Star system with five stars being the highest ranking one can attain.
  • How does Carfolks insure that ratings are legitimate?
    Anyone rating a salesperson or dealership must validate their identity on Carfolks and provide information which helps us identify the person posting the review. We also implement security protocols that will help us identify fraudulent users and other members who might try to “game the system.” If we identify a member of our community who fraudulently enters a review that either gives themselves a good rating or gives a competitor a bad rating, we will take action against that person or dealership and have the option to “mark their account” indicating they were not honest in their behavior in the community. We strongly encourage all members to play by the rules or risk the negative consequences to their reputation. Additionally any member of the Carfolks neighborhood or visitor can question or comment on a review. If it is believed to be fraudulent we will ask the person submitting the review to provide further validation of their experience. Users questioning a review must provide their information too.
  • How long will it take before my page on Carfolks starts coming up in the search engines?
    Our site works to optimize content for all the sales professionals and dealers on our website. The search engine “web crawlers” visit sites on a regular basis and index content so results in search engines will vary. Usually within a few weeks our comments will be coming up in the popular search sites. The volume of customer ratings you have on the page are also important as they provide “user generated content” (UGC) which is ranked high by the search engines, so each member should actively invite their customers to logon and rate them. It is in your best interest to invite all your customers to come out and review you on Carfolks. More customer comments mean more visibility on the Internet.
  • If our dealership doesn’t subscribe to the Carfolks Marketing Program can we reply to reviews posted about our dealership?
    An individual registered on Carfolks from the dealership can reply to a comment about that dealership. This means the comment is now part of their page. They take ownership of that review and it impacts their ranking in our system. Carfolks reserves the right to limit the number of times a dealership may respond to negative comments on the site.
  • Do you offer help to new sales professionals to set up their pages?
    Yes, we offer our Getting Started Guide to provide advice on how to maximize your presence and participation on Carfolks. We also notify participants when updates or changes are made to this guide.
  • Who do I call or email for help with my pages?
    Have other questions? Use our simple feedback form. For phone support call us at 216-712-6712.