Welcome to the Carfolks Neighborhood

As one of the co-founders of Carfolks and with a long tenured background in the auto industry I recognized that consumers were often frustrated in their search to buy a new or used vehicle. The Internet offers a wide range of websites providing information, inventory and pricing for shoppers in the market, but none really speak about the caliber of people at the dealership and how they treat their customers. In other words, little or no information on how you might be treated once you show up at the dealership.

Most dealers and their people do a great job of taking care of their customers, but happy customers don't usually go out of their way to share their great dealer experience. What I saw happening were the unhappy customers going online to complain about the poor service they experienced in the sales and service departments at many dealerships.


And while these unhappy customers are a minority of the total auto buyers, their reviews seemed to be overpowering the online conversation about car sales professionals and the dealerships that employ them. We created Carfolks so dealers have an opportunity to highlight all the things they do right, and auto shoppers can browse through real reviews about how dealerships and their teams perform during the sales and service experience.

With Carfolks it's easy for dealers to invite all their customers to share the highlights of their dealership experience in a forum where consumers can get a more accurate picture of how a dealership performs based on comments from their neighbors.

In the Carfolks neighborhood we want dealers, sales professionals and auto buyers and owners to work together to solve problems and then allow the consumer and the dealer to show the resolution online so it's clear that dealers and their people work with their customers to make sure every customer experience is a good one.

There is no charge for consumers or sales professionals to use our website so we encourage both buyers and sellers to join the Carfolks Neighborhood.

We encourage actual customers of dealerships to share comments about local dealers on Carfolks, and we hope that customer-focused dealerships will ask all their sales people and service advisors to participate too. In our neighborhood, we can all win.

Mark Dubis